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Es werden Posts vom April, 2020 angezeigt.

A short history of corona, protective masks and ventilators

When the Corona crisis is over, everyone will come back out of their holes. Concerned citizens, those in government and even those not in government shake their heads and agree on one thing: "It was very bad that during the crisis we were so dependent on foreign countries for systemically important goods such as protective masks and respirators. This must not happen again, we must become self-sufficient."

We made it...The GLAUSER-AWARD went online!

We are quite proud! Although we had to cancel the annual CRIMINALE - the biggest German-language crime festival - and the big GLAUSER-AWARD gala due to the Corona crisis, my colleagues of the SYNDIKAT and I managed to produce a 90-minute show in just two weeks and in a decentralized way that is really woth seeing.

Carinsson liest: "Warum nur...?" (German)

Lesung im Turm aus der CRIMINALE Anthologie 2019 "Mord im Dreiländereck"